“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”     - John Quincy Adams.

Since 2005, Joe Chapman has valiantly served the citizens of Walton County as our Sheriff. Sheriff Chapman has declared that he will not be seeking re-election after this term, giving him 20 years of service as our Sheriff. I would like to congratulate Sheriff Chapman on his retirement and thank him not only for his service to the citizens of Walton County but also serving our country in the military.

Doug Schad – Republican Candidate for Sheriff

Sheriff Chapman’s retirement allows for a new era of Law Enforcement and Leadership in Walton. As the world and society change, law enforcement must adapt and overcome these changes or fall behind. Walton needs a Sheriff of today! A Sheriff who understands today’s technology and the mindset of today's criminal. A Sheriff whose core values stem from leadership, determination, and devotion to excellence. 

Let’s come together as “One Walton” by bridging the cities and county agencies. Agencies should not be competing against each other, but working towards combating the same goal, “Keeping our community safe and providing a service of excellence.” 

So what does Walton need?

Walton needs Douglas Schad to be your next Sheriff of Walton County, GA.


Why should you vote for Doug Schad?

To some, the name Douglas Schad is just another candidate looking to be the boss! To others, it is a name that says much, much more. For those thinking of the latter, here is what some already know:

Douglas Schad has spent most of his life and career learning how to lead, inspire others, and coach those willing to learn. As a child, he was a product of Military values from his father, a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. In his teenage years, he rose through the ranks in his High School JROTC and through his youth Masonic organization called DeMolay. Now he is a Master Mason, who rides motorcycles, drives a big truck, and enjoys spending time with his family. When he has his heart set on something, he takes the reigns and goes all in. That’s the kind of man and dedication you will get if honored to be elected as your Sheriff! 


Vote Douglas Schad for Walton County Sheriff!

Walton County GOP




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